Urbanization and motorization in Asia: Implications on fuel use, air pollution, and CO2 emissions

Many Asian countries are sustaining unprecedented economic growth over the past decade, led by China, India, and to some extent Vietnam, and Indonesia. As a consequence, many of its cities are also facing unprecedented challenges on traffic congestion, traffic-related crashes and fatalities, increasing emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases brought about by increasing motorized vehicle activities and inefficient urban transport systems. The presentation will provide an overview of the trends on ambient air quality (including some examples of effect on indoor air) and GHG emissions and as well as its drivers like urbanization and motorization. Concrete examples on how urban form and transport affects fuel use and emissions will also be provided using case studies from the “Rapid Assessment of City Emissions (RACE) for Transport and Building Energy Use” developed by CAI-Asia and Chreod, Ltd. on behalf of the Asian Development Bank to facilitate low emissions growth and more resilient cities in the future.