One Day Symposium 11 July 2012

Infection Spread: Will breathing kill you?

The uncertain role of the airborne route in outbreaks of several infectious diseases has been brought into sharp focus in recent years. Multi-disciplinary research teams have redoubled their efforts in this area, with a specific focus on transmission of seasonal and pandemic influenza, among other potentially airborne pathogens. This work has advanced the state of the science, but many unanswered questions still remain.

As part of the 10th International Healthy Buildings Conference, which will be held from 8-12 July 2012, there will be a one day symposium which will focus on infection spread in a diverse range of indoor environments including health care facilities, commercial buildings, transport (planes, buses, trains and cars) and schools.

Emerging pathogens and bio-terrorism and their potential for transmission indoors will be discussed. Control strategies and methods with which to design solutions will be a key theme of the discussion.

The symposium will bring together key stakeholders and will be an opportunity to hear from local and international experts. Attendees will be able to engage in discussions, and contribute to identifying future directions in the research and practice of indoor infection control. This will also be an ideal opportunity for inter-disciplinary networking.

Delegates can participate in the entire conference or just in the one day symposium. More information about the program for the conference and symposium is provided below.

Convenor: Prof Keith Grimwood, Director, Queensland Children’s Medical Research Inst.

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia

Target Audience: Clinicians, public, environmental and occupational health professionals, infection control practitioners, regulators, building and facility managers, consultants, architects, ventilation engineers, academics.

Program of the Symposium: The program of the Symposia will on the one hand have a very strong international component, but on the other hand will include very relevant local and regional issues. It will include plenary presentations, submitted papers sessions, interactive panel discussions, and poster sessions. The discussions will be led by panels of top practitioners and academics in this broad field.

Tentative Program

Plenary #1: Professor Clive Beggs, PhD, CEng, FIMechE, FSB, FRSM, University of Bradford, UK
Plenary #2: A/Professor Raymond Tellier, MD, MSc, FRCPC, CSPQ, FCCM, D(ABMM), University of Calgary / Medical Microbiologist, Provincial Laboratory for Public Health, Canada

Panel Discussions

Transmission in the home environment.

Chair: Jodie McVernon (University of Melbourne)
Panellists: Bill Nazaroff (University of California, Berkeley), Don Milton (University of Maryland), Euan Tovey (University of Sydney)

Read the discussion summary here.

Occupational transmission (including hospitals, offices, in-transport etc).

Chair: Clive Beggs (UK)
Panellists: Erica Stewart (Kaiser Permanente, USA), Jeremy Stamkos (Total Ventilation Hygiene, Australia), Patricia Coward (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland), Yuguo Li (Hong Kong University)

Read the discussion summary here.

Pandemic control measures, future directions & conclusions.

Chair: Gerard Fitzgerald (QUT)
Panellists: Chris Chao (Hong Kong), Debra El Saadi (Qld Health), Raymond Tellier (Canada)

Read the discussion summary here.


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