CASANZ Indoor Air Special Interest Group

During the conference, the Indoor Air Special Interest Group (IA SIG) of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand will host a training event. The specific details of this event are currently being planned, and it will allow the diverse interests of the IA SIG to be dovetailed with the international expertise present at the conference. This will permit IA SIG members to directly benefit from the presence of leaders in IAQ/IEQ, whilst also maintaining a local focus on issues relevant to Australia and New Zealand. Non-SIG members will also be invited to attend.

UPTECH Meeting – Ultrafine Particles from Traffic Emissions on Children’s Health

On Saturday 7 July or Friday 13 July 2012, UPTECH’s national and international collaborators will meet at QUT to discuss current measurement and data analyses issues related to the project. The UPTECH international teams include: (i) ILAQH, QUT; (ii) University of Cincinnati, USA; (iii) DiMSAT – Dipartimento di Meccanica Strutture Ambiente e Territorio, University of Cassino, Italy; (iv) National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, NZ; and (v) Fraunhofer WKI, Braunschweig, Germany.

ISIAQ Special Technical Committee (STC) Meetings

These will be 7 STC meetings held before or during the conference (more details to be provided later). A list of STC and their Chairpersons is as follows.

• STC11 Source, monitoring and evaluation: chemical pollutants (Chairperson: Professor John Little, Virginia Tech, USA)

• STC12 Source, monitoring and evaluation: aerosols (Chairperson: Professor Lidia Morawska, Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

• STC21 Ventilation (Chairperson, Professor Chandra Sekhar, National University of Singapore, Singapore)

• STC22 Air cleaning (Chairperson, Professor Yinping Zhang, Tsinghua University, China)

• STC31 Health effects and epidemiology (Chairperson, Professor Carl-Gustaf Bornehag, Karlstad University, Sweden)

• STC32 Environmental/climate impacts (Chairperson, Mr Hal Levin, Building Ecology Research Group, California, USA)

• STC33 Thermal comfort (Chairperson, Professor Richard de Dear, The University of Sydney, Australia)