Speakers’ Preparation Room

A Speakers’ Preparation room will be open at the conference venue. All presentations will be uploaded onto the hardware at the Speakers’ Preparation Room. Presenters should check in at the Speakers’ Preparation Room at least 4 hours before their presentation or, wherever possible, the day prior if speakers are presenting in the first session of the day.

PowerPoint Files

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre is a PC site and all users of Macintosh hardware need to ensure before they leave home that the files are compatible with PC hardware. It is expected that presenters will use Microsoft.

Other compatible software includes:

  • Windows 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Windows Media Player
  • Quick Time
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader 9
  • AVG Virus Software
  • VLC Media Player
  • Windows Media Player Classic
  • iTunes
  • Skype
  • Real VNC

Presentation Delivery

Speakers should bring their presentations saved on one of the following standard media:

  • CD-Rom
  • USB memory stick

Please note; due to electronic security restrictions the BCEC and the Conference Organisers cannot accept email versions of presentation files.

Movies or Sound Files

If you have movies or sound files in the PowerPoint presentation please embed them and also bring the sound or movie files on the CD in case they are lost on different versions of PowerPoint. Advise the speaker’s preparation technician that you have movie files Immediately upon your arrival at the BCEC so that the integrity of the files can be checked on the conference network.

It is prudent to ensure that you have the correct AVI codec’s saved with the video/audio file presentation. Speaker’s prep can assist with this & download any missing codec files from the internet but this takes time, so it is in your best interests to advise the technician that you embedded video files as soon as possible.

Bring a Backup Copy

  • CDs can often be corrupted or scratched in transit.
  • Fonts: Bring a copy of any unusual fonts you require.
  • 3rd Party Software: Bring a copy of any industry specific software that you may require.

To ensure a complete and effective presentation every time here’s what to do:

Create a folder for your presentation. Place or copy every file that is used in the presentation in this folder. This will include all pictures, movies, sounds or any files that are used in the presentation. Now re-create any links so that they access this presentation folder (Insert, Movies and Sounds from file). Remember to re-save the presentation.

To copy your presentation you should now include the entire folder, complete with all files that it will access via the links. This will ensure your presentation is saved & viewed successfully and as intended.

Another advantage of this approach is that you have access to the original files such as video clips etc. in the event of PowerPoint problems.