The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) is a world-class purpose-built venue renowned for its operational and service excellence. The Centre is located at South Bank, a unique urban cultural and entertainment precinct in the heart of Brisbane. All conference sessions will be held here. It is a purpose-built centre to provide superb flexibility and versatility under one roof.

The centre offers many benefits to attendees from state-of-the-art audio visual, through to complimentary wireless access for all conference delegates.

Green Initiatives

Major environmental initiatives within the Centre include:


  • An underground water tank will provide all necessary water for toilet flushing in the new Centre which will significantly reduce the Centre‚Äôs water consumption.
  • Water efficient fixtures and fittings including urinals which use a chemical system in place of a water based flushing system.
  • Design
  • The design of BCEC on Grey Street takes advantage of capacity within the existing Centre, thereby not requiring additional air conditioning plant.


  • Light fittings have been selected to minimise energy consumption. Lighting zone design provides lighting switches with occupancy sensors and reduced modes for set-up and pack-down situations.
  • Skylights within the Atrium maximise the available daylight entering the Centre and minimise the energy used for artificial lighting.
  • Solar hot water generation is in place to reduce energy consumption.
  • Air conditioning systems are energy efficient. The design includes the provision of occupant/carbon dioxide sensors to control operations of the air conditioning system in each separable area.


  • Sustainable furnishings. Fixed and loose furnishing and floor coverings have a reduced environmental impact.
  • All timber and composite timber products used in the project are to be sourced from a combination of the following:
  • Post-consumer re-used timber
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified.

Indoor Environment Quality

  • Finishes meet the benchmarks for low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. All painted surfaces are low VOC paints. All carpets are low VOC and all adhesives and sealants are low VOC.