The image used on the conference banner is of Moreton Bay and surrounding Islands. For people who want to escape from the daily grind and have an adventure, Moreton Bay and Islands is where your senses come alive.

Incredibly, this paradise exists only 25 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD and stretches from Bribie Island in the north to the Southern Bay Islands.

A place where you can indulge in some of the world’s best diving, get adventurous with some sand tobogganing, surfing or quad biking.

Stroll the water’s edge at one of the quaint coastal villages or live the island life on the second and third largest sand Islands in the world; Moreton and Stradbroke Island, offering crystal clear water and picturesque sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, as well as fascinating marine life and freshwater lakes.

An awe-inspiring wonderland both wild and calm, playful and tranquil, rustic and sophisticated, this is where you can embrace and experience the naturalness of our world.

Along the coastline of a major new world city, its raw and intimate spirit stirs you deeply, awakening and elevating your sense of joy.

A place where you truly feel touched by nature and become one with it, bringing you closer to what is truly important in life.

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