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    Out & About in South East Queensland
    Most people smile when they think back to a trip to Australia. Behind the momentarily dreamy look is the flicker of memories and emotions for binary options training. The good moments vary, shaped by a lifetime of personal experience and expectations, as do the bad times. Sometimes the best memories are from simple things like a great steak, a little coffee shop or a beautiful sunset. Others have been touched by the generosity of a stranger or the beginning of a new friendship. While offering their stories, most people speak fondly of their time spent here and often promise to return. Eliza Morawska, Member of the ANZOC. (Image Source: Queensland Travel).

    Message from the President
    The Healthy Buildings 2012 conference is now only a memory, but as Conference President, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your contribution in making HB2012 go down in history as a good conference of how to buy bitcoin india. We have received overwhelmingly positive comments about the conference and I have no doubt that it would not have gone as well without the support from our whole professional community.. The conference attracted 670 participants from 43 countries, with the largest delegations (apart from the host country – Australia), from China, Korea, Japan and USA. The program of the conference included 10 plenary presentations (three of them – for the first time – of student presenters), 14 workshops (with 6 of them presented by ISIAQ’s STCs – Scientific and Technical Committees), as well of three Symposia, which included three panel discussions each.

    We very much hope that the legacy of the conference will not only be forward thinking on all the topics indian binary trading app, but that it will foster more collaboration between our colleagues from the many different walks of professional life, around the common scientific and practical issues discussed at the conference. I hope that you enjoyed your involvement with the conference, and for those who made it Brisbane, your participation in it.

    Lidia Morawska

    Conference Proceedings 
    It was brought to our attention that some corrections are needed to the proceedings and we are asking all the authors to check their papers. An email to that extent was sent on the 7 August 2012. Please make sure to do it promptly and notify us of any changes required. Once this process is competed we will submitted for evolution to Thomas Reuter with the intent of indexing them.

    Conference Merchandise
    We have some remaining Healthy Buildings 2012 Merchandise available for sale! Conference satchels, which are very convenient to carry an iPad and other essentials are $30; men (sizes: S, M, L & XL) and women’s polo shirts (sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16) are $20; and handbooks are $10 and will be available online soon. The cute little conference Koala adorns the shirts and satchels! Please note that postage prices and information on how to purchase leftover merchandise will be sent via email in the coming week.

    Videos and Symposia Panel Summaries
    The conference committee are also currently compiling a collection of videos taken of the Plenary Presentations and the Panel Discussions. These will be made available for viewing online to conference participants and ISIAQ members only. A private link will be sent via email once these videos have been compiled and uploaded. In addition, a bit later, summaries form the Symposia Panel discussions will be available as well. All the panels are currently working on this, with several of them aiming at turning them into discussion papers to be submitted for publication in professional journals.

    The conference committee are currently sorting a large collection of photos taken during the conference. Some of these were taken by a professional photographer and others by the volunteers. An email will be sent out to all delegates once the photos are available online for viewing. We are welcoming conference participants to add to this collection on Facebook! Participants List Once the issue of confidentiality has been addressed, a list of conference participants will be made available.

  • Post Conference Update

    What a great finish to the Healthy Buildings Conference 2012. We would like to thank all of the delegates that attended, travelling very long distances and fighting through jet lag to make Healthy Buildings 2012 a successful and educational conference.

    Conference Proceedings

    We will be making a number of changes to the conference proceedings, version two will be available to download online once it is finalised.  An email will be coming out shortly to confirm changes to paper titles, papers and authors.


    In case you missed out at the conference, we will be selling Healthy Buildings 2012 Merchandise online. Conference Satchels, Shirts and handbooks will be available online to buy, information on how to do this will be sent via email in the coming week.


    The conference committee are currently going through thousands of photos from the conference, an email will be sent to all delegates once the photos has been made available online.

    Keynote Presentations & Panel Sessions

    The committee are currently compiling the keynote presentations & panel session videos. A private link will be sent to you via email, the presentations will be available by the end of the month.






  • Registration Desk Hours

    For those planning on registering tomorrow, please take note of the Registration Desk Hours:

    • Sunday 8 July : 1:00pm – 5:30pm
    • Monday 9 July : 8:00am – 4:30pm
    • Tuesday 10 July : 8:00am – 4:00pm
    • Wednesday 11 July : 8:00am – 4:30pm
    • Thursday 12 July : 8:00am – 1:00pm
  • Information for Attendees

    If you are registered to attend Healthy Buildings 2012, please visit our Attending page to find out more information on the following:

    • About the destination – Brisbane
    • Getting to Brisbane (transport & visa information)
    • Brisbane Map (showing conference accommodation and event venues)
    • The Conference Venue (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre)
    • Preparation instructions for Oral & Poster presenters
    • General Conference information
    • Registration Desk location & opening hours
    • Official Conference Opening & Social Functions
    • Satellite Events


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